Foundation Fact Sheet

The Rice Lake Community Health Foundation promotes the physical, behavioral and social health of people in the greater Rice Lake area by supporting and partnering with health and wellness organizations.  We believe that by helping organizations improve the health of individuals, families and community systems, we can enhance the quality of life for the community as a whole.

Grant-making Areas

A 35 mile radius surrounding, and including Rice Lake, Wisconsin.


Board Members include:

Jim Larsen, Chairman

Jim Fangman, Treasurer

Lori Gray, Secretary

Jean Ballou

Ray Doring

Mary Hubler

Clare Janty

Claire Johnson

Jeremy Miller


Asset trust endowment:
$4 million, plus the profit from the sale of the current Lakeview Medical Hospital (anticipated date of new hospital construction completion is sometime in 2011)
Anticipated total grant payments each year:
Interest incurred on the trust endowment which allows this Foundation to be self-perpetuating.  Only the earnings of those funds will be used for Foundation purposes.

Legal Structure of the Foundation:
We are recognized as a corporation within the State of Wisconsin (chapter 181) as an IRS independent, freestanding community health foundation 501(c)(3).
Creation of Board of Directors:

April, 2008