Letter From Board Members

Thank you visiting our web site and for your interest in our Foundation.

Guided by the belief that maintaining a healthy lifestyle increases the quality of life, the Rice Lake Community Health Foundation works to increase health related benefits to area residents.

A philosophy of “matching funds” and forming “partnerships” are the preferred approach to the awarding of Foundation funds/grants.  Grants are awarded by asking which problems affect the most people, who are the best people to provide these services, and which have been neglected in the years.

Our Foundation is deeply committed to the importance of partnerships.  All of the issues we’re tackling will require the talents and resources of many people and many different organizations.

To effect lasting change, we must collaborate with local government organizations, business, and other nonprofit organizations whenever possible.

Some of the problems we work on already have solutions, and our focus needs to be on getting those solutions into the hands of the people who need them most.  Other problems have never been given the attention they deserve, and we believe focused efforts can lead to amazing advances.  The challenges we face are great, but so is the opportunity to improve people’s lives.

Jim Larsen                               Ray Doring                               Jeremy Miller

Jim Fangman                          Clare Janty

Lori Gray                                  Mary Hubler

Jean Ballou                             Claire Johnson


(Letter would include the signatures of each Board Member)